Pulses Name – List of All Pulses Names

Pulses Name

Pulses Name – This post is a glossary and list of different types of Indian Lentils( dals ), beans and Pulses with their English names with images. Where possible common names in other languages are also added.

India is home to many different varieties of lentils, dried beans, pulses, and legumes. They belong to the legume family and are a powerhouse of proteins and nutrients. Did you know when a recipe calls for “yellow dal”, it can actually be one of 5-6 different types of lentils – Arhar, Chana, moong, Urad, Masoor. Or that moong itself can be of 3 varieties – whole green gram, split green gram, split and skinned green gram?

List of All Pulses Names

Sr. No.Pulses ImagePulses Name
1.Green Gram SplitGreen Gram Split ( Moong Dal )
2.Red LentilsRed Lentils ( Masoor Dal )
3.Split Green Peas Split Green Peas ( Hare Matar Dal )
4.Split Yellow PeasSplit Yellow Peas ( Peelee Matar Dal )
5.Black Gram SplitBlack Gram Split ( Urad Dal )
6.Chickpeas Split, Gram PulseChickpeas Split, Gram Pulse ( Chane Dal )
7.Yellow Pigeon PeasYellow Pigeon Peas ( Tur Dal )
9.Chickpeas Chickpeas ( Chole )
10.Horse Gram Horse Gram ( Kulthi Dal )
11.Black ChickpeaBlack Chickpea ( Kala Chana )
12.White Urad DalWhite Urad Dal ( Safed Urad Dal )
Pulses Name

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