Demonstrative Adjectives in Hindi – Definition, Sentences and Examples

Demonstrative Adjectives in hindi

Demonstrative Adjectives को हिंदी में संकेतवाचक विशेषण कहते है।
ऐसे Adjectives from जिनका प्रयोग निकट या दूर के Noun / Pronoun को दर्शाने के लिए किया जाता है, उन्हें Demonstrative Adjective कहा जाता है, जैसे*. – that boy, those people, these boys, etc.

(i) This car is red. 
(ii) That boy is honest.
(iii) This time I won’t fail you.
(iv) I want those gorgeous marbles.
(v) I wanted to propose you that day.

Demonstrative Adjectives Definition

The adjective used to point out some person or thing is called a demonstrative adjective.
This, That, These Those और such यह मुख्य demonstrative adjective है|

What is the name of this place?
These mangoes are sour.

Demonstrative Adjective से हमें सामान्यतः प्रश्न which one? का जवाब मिलता है

The tree is beautiful.
। Answer This tree.

Note: (1) This/That singular noun These/Thoseके बाद plural noun का परीक्षण किया जाता हैं,जैसे :- This dog, These dogs, That boy, Those boys. 

(II) यदि किसी वाक्य में This / That / These / Those के तुरंत बाद किसी Noun के स्थान पर verb का प्रयोग किया गया हो, तो फिर ये Demonstrative Adjective नहीं, बल्कि Demonstrative pronoun की तरह प्रयुक्त होंगे।

Demonstrative Pronoun: This is an intelligent boy.
Demonstrative Adjective: This shirt is dirty.
Those were my friends.
Those men are Indian.

Demonstrative Adjectives Examples

  • This boy is strong.
  • I like such things.
  • Those people were mean to her.
  • I did not like that man.
  • These boys are good.
  • Those girls are beautiful.
  • I cannot give you money at this moment.
  • This is a boy.
  • These Mangoes are sour.
  • I could not manage it at that moment.
  • This man is hungry.
  • Those rascals are back in the town.

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